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Divinity Chain

Divinity Chain

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Whether it's your favorite number, your good luck charm, your numerology life path or just a vibration you want to embody; each number will bring you positive vibes and light. Numbers are the language of the universe. Reach those higher vibrations. Set the intention.

Model pictured wearing 16 inch chain.

Available in numbers 0-9:

Number Ruling Planet Meaning
Zero Fulfillment & Infinite Possibilities


Self-Sufficiency & New Beginnings
Two Moon Harmony & Balance
Three Jupiter Wisdom, Communication, Creativity
Four Uranus Order, Stability & Leaps of Faith
Five Mercury Gratitude, Free Spirit, Independence & Adventure, Change
Six Venus Alignment, Selflessness, Inner Peace & Self-Love
Seven Neptune Spirituality, Introspection & Awakening
Eight Saturn Abundance, Self-Confidence, Success
Nine Mars Empathy, Humanitarianism, Soul Purpose


  • 14-karat Gold
  • Stone: Diamond
  • 16 or 18 inch diamond cut chain

Designed & crafted to elevate your frequency. 

Handmade in NYC.

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